Sunday, October 26, 2008

ProjectCenter 0.5.0 & Gorm 1.2.6

Changes for ProjectCenter 0.5.0:

  • Added new project types "Framework" and "Resource Set".
  • Implemented on demand loading of bundles (project types, editor).
  • Impemented localization support for projects.
  • Some user interface ehnancements were made (save/restore geometry of subviews in project window splitview, drag and drop for icons).
  • Clicking on .m and .h file in project browser expands to file structure (classes, methods).
  • Incorporated ProjectManager's editor with some modifications. Implemented syntax color highlighting.
  • All windows and panels are now GORM files.
  • Fixes for MingW environment.
  • Support for separate build directory added.

    Changes for Gorm 1.2.6:

  • Corrections to allow Gorm to build and run properly on the Darwin operating system.
  • Corrected sizing of Controls Palette.
  • Added preliminary support for IBPlugin API.
  • Added preferences panel to add plugins dynamically.
  • Moved load/save logic for gorm, gmodel, and nib to plugins. This change should allow plugins for virtually any format to be read/written by Gorm.
  • Correction for bug#24146, bug#23889.
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