Wednesday, June 04, 2008

GNUstep on Ubuntu 8.04

Install these dependencies:

  • subversion (for downloading GNUstep from svn repository)
  • gobjc
  • libxmu-dev
  • libcairo2-dev (cairo backend)
  • libart-2.0-dev (art backend)
  • libtiff4-dev
  • libgif-dev
  • libssl-dev
  • libgmp3-dev
  • libffcall1-dev
  • libaspell-dev
  • libcupsys2-dev

    GNUstep can be download from official website or svn respository:

    svn co core

    Additional fonts for art backend can be found at Ocean Resources.

    A detailed guide is available for new users. Alternatively, use GNUstep Startup to install GNUstep.

    If there is a problem of environment variables for installing GNUstep with sudo, use `sudo -E` instead.
  • 1 comment:

    tatva said...

    Hi! 2 things:
    1st: this is hardly a guide to the average ubuntu user. I guess most people will stop at the content of the installation guides.
    2nd: the whole setup process seems complicated and time consuming both for newcomers and people who want to test gnustep. One can always turn to repos but their versions are usually old.

    Post-installation you get a beautiful development enviroment and thank you for that.

    Ps IMHO the gnustep liveCD is newbie nightmare as well