Thursday, March 06, 2008

GNUstep on FreeBSD 7.0

These dependencies can be installed with packages or ports:

  • windowmaker
  • svn
  • ffcall
  • gmake
  • openssl
  • libxslt
  • libart_lgpl
  • cairo
  • libgmp
  • mDNSResponder
  • aspell

    Remember to use gmake instead of make for compilation. The rest is the same as GNUstep on Ubuntu. Although I haven't met any problem, this post may help in some cases.
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    productionrubio said...

    I've got it running on a FreeBSD 7 Laptop!

    I got an error: Assertion failed
    in initialize_gnustep_backend. Unable to find backend libgnustep-xgps

    To fix I had to define NSGlobalDomain GSBackend like so:

    defaults write NSGlobalDomain GSBackend "libgnustep-cairo"

    in my .xinitrc file. whooo