Saturday, January 19, 2008

SimpleAgenda 0.36

See announcement for details:
* Calendar UI changes : to reduce calendar size, use different visual hints. Today has a yellow background (unchanged), the selected day cell is bezeled/pushed (was a bold font) and busy days use a bold font (instead of a tick mark). Always show six weeks with black text for the chosen month and white text for the previous and next ones. Use a defined font size so that it all fits whatever the user choose as a default size.
* Day view : circle through appointments with TAB and edit the selected one with enter
* Day view : no more appointments overlapping. The algorithm is not 100% correct, we might want to change that in the future
* Change license for future GNUstep GPLv3 release compatibility Thanks to Yavor Doganov for pointing out the issue.
* Use ETags to prevent overwriting distant modifications
* Add a menu item to force agendas to reload their data
* Bug fixes and various improvements
* Experimental GroupDAV support : some things work but use with care. Feedback appreciated

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