Sunday, April 22, 2007

SimpleWebKit Demo on Mac

I have commited the latest version to the SVN - so we all will soon have something quite useful.

A new demo running on MacOS X 10.4 is available at

(load the page try the z and Z buttons to zoom font size).

-- hns

And its wiki page

Friday, April 20, 2007

Base Release 1.15.0

This is an unstable release from 1.14.0. It is otherwise identical to
the 1.14.0 release. Releases in the 1.15 series are not guaranteed to
be forward compatible with previous 1.15 releases.

Real-world examples of using GNUstep

In a post of OSNews, some comments about using GNUstep in real world:
I work at the physics department of a major university and we are developing a series of applications to interface with lab equipment, and all the development is being done is objective-c and Cocoa / GNUStep.

It is a fairly straight forward process to re-compile a Cocoa application under GNUStep, it is an excellent cross platform solution for Mac and Linux (I do not do Windows so I do not know how well GNUStep work there).

I am also working on a set of numerical quantum and fluid dynamics simulations where the visualization / user interface is using opengl with Cocoa / GNUStep and the numerics are C / lapack, and so far I have not run into any real compatibility issues between GNUStep and Cocoa.

In a previous life, I was forced to use Windows and develop in MFC and C-sharp, what a nightmare that was. It is a true joy to develop in Objective-C / Cocoa / GNUStep, far superior to any other enviornment I have worked in (well QT is not bad, but still not as nice as Cocoa).

My company is using GNUstep to develop a commercial long-range data multiplexer equipment configuration and monitoring application. It is a distributed client-server system, so yes, GNUstep can be used to do more than simple stuff. We've also written our IPTV solution in it (live streaming server, VoD server and a few other pieces of IPTV headend software).

Thursday, April 19, 2007

An article about Cocotron

From NewsForge:
Some have already discovered Cocotron, and want to know why Lloyd chose to go it alone rather than join the GNUstep project. The answer is two-fold.

First, as part of the GNU project, GNUstep code is licensed under the GPL and LGPL. Lloyd wants to make his project attractive to commercial developers as well, so he licensed it under the MIT license, which makes sharing code between the two projects incompatible.

Second, although GNUstep does follow some of the changes to Apple's Cocoa, its primary goal is implementing the OpenStep specification. Cocotron exists to follow Cocoa as closely as possible.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Gorm 1.2.0

Noteworthy changes in version `1.2.0'

* Corrections to some editors to not change seslection if connection
is in progress.

* Force menu style to NSNextStepInterfaceStyle for editing purposes.

* Correction for memory issue when closing document.

* Minor bug fixes.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

New GNUstep Releases

Today, GNUstep makes major releases of:

  • Makefile package 2.0.0
  • Base library 1.4.0
  • GUI library 0.12.0
  • Back library 0.12.0

    Makefile package has a major update to support various file system layout. Base improves portability to Microsoft Windows and compatibility with Mac OS X. GUI has a lot of improvement such as bitmap image, theme and new methods to match Mac OS X. Back has big improvements to the cairo graphics and Window backend. Also better support for OpenGL.

    While official releases can be downloaded, there are stable branches in svn for latest bug fix:

  • gnustep/tools/make/branches/stable/
  • gnustep/libs/base/branches/stable/
  • gnustep/libs/gui/branches/stable/
  • gnustep/libs/back/branches/stable/
  • Accepted Projects for GNUstep in Summer of Code 2007

    They are
    ... Improving the GNUStep AppKit components will help to develop GNUstep and increase compatibilty with Cocoa. ... Implementing a modified NSBitmapImageRep class to write GIF, JPEG, PNG & PNM files. ... implementations of NSDatePicker, NSLevelIndicator and NSCell classes. ... the main body of the project shall be focused on examining, finishing, rewriting and generally cleaning up the whole Text System, and profiling it.
    by Christopher Elsmore, mentored by David Chisnall.
    ... finish GNUstep's Key Value Observing implementation and implement bindings. ... As most modern Mac OS X applications take full advantage of KVO and Bindings, a GNUstep implementation would be a huge step toward source-level compatibility with Mac OS X. ... include creating the NSController, NSArrayController, NSObjectController, and NSValueTransformer classes and adding bindings support for existing classes, for example NSTextField, NSPopUpButton, and NSProgressIndicator.
    by Christopher Farber, mentored by Nicola Pero.

    Monday, April 09, 2007

    MidnightBSD RELENG_0_1

    Besides live CD, MidnightBSD will be the first open-source operating system supporting GNUstep by default.

    Saturday, April 07, 2007

    WebCore From Safari 2.0 Branch Imported in GTK+-WebCore

    While this is not related to GNUstep, many people may be interested. Read comments to know how to build it.