Sunday, January 07, 2007

NSNetServices available in GNUstep SVN

Original patch states:

* mDNSResponder

You will also need to have the mDNSResponder project, a component of
Bonjour, Apple's ease-of-use IP networking initiative:

* Avahi

Alternatively, you should be able to use Avahi with mDNSResponder
compatibility. This is untested, though.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Cenon 3.82

*** What's new ? ***

Cenon 3.82:

- New: Batch printing (Multiples) added, including serial numbers
- New:
Contour-Panel: switch, whether to replace the source graphics (or keep it)
Panel has now it's own Unit Popup
- New: convert TextPath to Path
- New, Editing: with Control + Mouse you can drag Curve points within a path
- New: Curve Inspector: all Curve Points are displayed at once and can be set directly
- TransformPanel: now with a nice bar of Icons to look better
- Undo: number of undos increased to 25 instead of 10
- DIN-Import: for Excellon, the tools can be defined within the file
- Fix, HPGL-Import: Labels fixed
- Fix, Join:
two paths or polylines are joined by keeping the order
Undo with two closed paths corrected
- Fix, Path: Undo works when moving several points in a path
- Fix, Arc: 360 degree snap works better now
- Fix, Snap: snapping to itself removed
- Fix, Select: Selecting a point no longer creates a move point undo step
- Fix, Punch: Undo added for groups
- Fix, Punch: Undo without crash
- Fix, Inspector: changing color on non-editable layer leaves color well with correct color
- Fix, Layer-Inspector: redraw Layer, if non-editable and visible layer is turned to editable
- Fix, Text: editing at the top of a window now scrolls the text to visibility
- Fix, DXF-Import: close of polylines corrected to work in all cases
- Apple, Import: PDF/PS-Import now work on Power PC with OS X >= 10.4.7
- Apple: graphics cache is on as default
- GNUstep: Our patch for loading images from it's bundle has been applied
- More details