Sunday, October 07, 2007

Why did GNUstep never really take off?

One of the main reasons for its lack of popularity is that it never really meshed well with the other, more popular, open source desktop systems. In some ways, that is understandable. GNUstep has its own paradigm, and its concepts are sometimes at odds with what other desktops, like GNOME and KDE, offer.


Sourav said...

The author points to a general problem: the more radical your paradigm, the more work you have to do to catch up to the state of the art so customers will pay attention to you.

GNUstep's best window of opportunity was in 1997 before GNOME got off the ground.

The second-best is now, when there are no expectations :) If Étoilé can become a usable desktop that plays nicely with Firefox and OOO, GNUstep may yet achieve critical mass ...


duncan said...

No, it never took off because it looks ugly. Even being so compatible with the Apple world, it looks horrible compared to it.