Thursday, April 12, 2007

New GNUstep Releases

Today, GNUstep makes major releases of:

  • Makefile package 2.0.0
  • Base library 1.4.0
  • GUI library 0.12.0
  • Back library 0.12.0

    Makefile package has a major update to support various file system layout. Base improves portability to Microsoft Windows and compatibility with Mac OS X. GUI has a lot of improvement such as bitmap image, theme and new methods to match Mac OS X. Back has big improvements to the cairo graphics and Window backend. Also better support for OpenGL.

    While official releases can be downloaded, there are stable branches in svn for latest bug fix:

  • gnustep/tools/make/branches/stable/
  • gnustep/libs/base/branches/stable/
  • gnustep/libs/gui/branches/stable/
  • gnustep/libs/back/branches/stable/
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