Thursday, April 12, 2007

Accepted Projects for GNUstep in Summer of Code 2007

They are
... Improving the GNUStep AppKit components will help to develop GNUstep and increase compatibilty with Cocoa. ... Implementing a modified NSBitmapImageRep class to write GIF, JPEG, PNG & PNM files. ... implementations of NSDatePicker, NSLevelIndicator and NSCell classes. ... the main body of the project shall be focused on examining, finishing, rewriting and generally cleaning up the whole Text System, and profiling it.
by Christopher Elsmore, mentored by David Chisnall.
... finish GNUstep's Key Value Observing implementation and implement bindings. ... As most modern Mac OS X applications take full advantage of KVO and Bindings, a GNUstep implementation would be a huge step toward source-level compatibility with Mac OS X. ... include creating the NSController, NSArrayController, NSObjectController, and NSValueTransformer classes and adding bindings support for existing classes, for example NSTextField, NSPopUpButton, and NSProgressIndicator.
by Christopher Farber, mentored by Nicola Pero.

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