Thursday, March 15, 2007

Summer Of Code 2007

GNUstep is proud to announce its participation in the Google Summer of Code program.

If you're a student and want to improve your OpenStep/Cocoa skills, practice some real cross platform programming or just learn what that wonderful Objective-C language is about, you should apply. GNUstep has a lot of different projects to offer - from entry level improvements for the beginner to advanced tasks like porting Apple's WebKit over GNUstep or improving GNUsteps integration into the MS Windows Platform. All ideas are listed at GNUstep wiki and you're free to add more (Registration is required for post).

We are a bunch of friendly people with an appreciation for the extraordinary - would we otherwise use Objective-C or build an OpenStep/Cocoa compliant framework? If you're looking for a special challenge aside heavily traveled C++ roads, want to extend your horizons and are open minded, you're welcome.

If you're a GNUstep developer and want to introduce some novice to the marvelous world of GNUstep you should apply as a mentor.