Sunday, August 14, 2005

GNUstep Application Database returned !!


New domain name for Étoilé project

Netclasses 1.04

Netclasses is an asynchronous networking framework.

Vindaloo 0.2 & PopplerKit 20050720

Vindaloo 0.2 and PopplerKit 20050720 are available now. They are the PDF framework and application for GNUstep. Improvement can be found here.

MathArray 1.0

MathArray was mentioned in a thread about ExceptionHandling framework. It seems to be well maintained based on its ChangeLog.

BioCocoa & MolTalk

BioCocoa and MolTalk are two projects using GNUstep/Cocoa in bioinformatics. BioCocoa handles various sequence file formats and MolTalk deals with 3D graphics of PDB (Protein Data Bank) format. Although not actively developed since 2004, they may be still useful since both of them are open-source projects. BioCocoa is under LGPL and MolTalk is GPL.