Saturday, June 18, 2005

Debian 3.1 on Powerbook 12" for GNUstep

In order to have a working GNUstep for cross-Cocoa development, I decided to install Debian "sarge" on my Powerbook 12" (1GHz, 40GB). Mostly, I followed this article. Here is the partitions:

  • Boot, 1.6MB
  • Swap, 512MB
  • Debian (/), 4G
  • FAT32 for share (/dos), 1.5G

    The rest of space is for MacOS X. There is a bug that disk utility may not calculate the partition size right. So I have to do it couple times. Although each partition is made as "free" by disk utility, later during Debian installation, they became a single big partition.

    After installing MacOS X, I burned the debian base system CD and followed the installation. Most the hardware is supported except Airport Extreme card. The graphics card driver is "nv" for Xwindow. The right-button is F12, and middle is F11. I also installed laptop-net in order to switch network setting.

    I have permission problems if /dos is automouted. Therefore, I change the option of FAT32 partition in /etc/fstab to be "user,rw,exec,dev,suid,noauto" and manually mount it with "mount /dos".

    I tried to install GNUstep from source but failed. There are some bugs from GCC-3.4. GCC 4 is not available on Debian 3.1, therefore, I used apt-get to install gnustep-core-devel, which turned out to be very convenient. GNUstep is installed under /usr/lib/GNUstep.
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